I am a digital, visual and sound artist working between Brussels and Barcelona. My work reveals and disrupts the mechanisms of perception, the sensorial interfaces and the cognitive processes which lead to the construction of mental abstractions such as the World and the Self.

I am most interested in the common principle underlying each manifestation of the human being, based on the premiss we are all the same ideal person instantiated through space and time. This assumption is largely inherited from my childhood in Asia, where I grew up surrounded by gods, ghosts and spirits. In reaction to the deification of rationalism in contemporary societies, I replicate the rituals and practices of traditional cultures with the modern tools at hand: my digital and performative avatars, custom musical instruments, biased scientific equipment, hacked hardware and creative software all aim to artificially induce first person experiences of trance, hypnosis, trans-personal permutations and mystic sublimation. The audio medium is central to my work, as it relates directly with the subconscious: sound suggests without describing, evokes without illustrating, and expresses without formulating.

My presented work is the result and extension of a personal investigation into the human being, with myself acting as a generic representative sample. Each project links to the previous to form a continuous auto-fictional multi-faceted narrative, helping me resolve intimate doubts and fears in the public arena.


CV: CV – Gabriel Lecup