9:38 minutes

A lone snail wanders about a Monopoly board. “Migrant” decontextualizes the refugee crisis from its geopolitical substance, in an attempt to neutralise the usual stigmatisation and cultural condescendence. An apparently innocent situation sirves to reveal the systemic violence of our contemporary societies and the inherent paradox of survival facing speculation. 

“Migrant” also questions the art world’s self-designated role as spokesperson for the voiceless, setting hashtags and elaborating discourses from the privileged contexts of galleries, programs and prizes (Can the subaltern speak?, Spivak, 1988). The crisis thus serves to boost carriers, to launder conscience and money, and ultimately to ratify and perpetuate the postcolonial status quo.

The video repeats in loop, the migrant is on a never ending journey to and from nowhere. The title echoes the denomination adopted by the media in the last years by stripping the migrant of the prefix “im-” or “em-”, leaving an anonymous traveller in eternal transit through a generic non-place.

2021  Art Emergent, Academia de Belles Arts, Sabadell
2019  Franziska – Montajes para un futuro perfecto, Ciudad de México

Roberto Collio – camera
David Ros – postproduction