Real Virtuality Abime

Virtual Reality Web Application

Grant & residency by Hangar – Laboratorio de Interaccion

REAL VIRTUALITY is a VR application to be seen with eyes closed and perceived with the subconscious. It combines two techniques of brainwave synchronization – flickering lights and binaural beats – to induce altered states of consciousness, lucid dreams, out-of-body experiences, trances and hallucinations, triggered by sensorial stimuli.

Both techniques exploit the phenomenon of Frequency-Following Response (FFR) to force brain activity to synchronize with waves Delta (0.5-3Hz), Theta (8-13Hz), Alpha (4-7Hz) and Beta (12-30Hz).

REAL VIRTUALITY provides an open and evolutive tool to explore these techniques and their combination through the technologies of Virtual Reality. Users can experience, create and share custom content with just a cardboard VR headset and headphones. The quality of the graphics isn’t relevant: the user keeps his/her eyes closed.

Xavi Vinaixa – development
Sergi Lario – development
Aylen Torres & Magalie Denoue – photography
Miguel Angel de Heras – technical consulting

2017  Dorkbot, Hangar, Barcelona