Interactive visual installation

Collaboration with Colin McCallum

A painting is augmented with video projection, reacting to the ambient lighting and the viewers’ position in space. IRIS is the result of a four year collaborative reflection – in every sense – on light, its components, its behavior and its inherent poetics. 

The painting uses superimposed layers of fluorescent materials, inspired by the repetitive geometric patterns and digital imagery which define contemporary land/mindscapes. Pigments are chosen, mixed and layered according to their light reflection/absorption properties. The video-projection is approached as an intelligent light-source rather than an illustrative image. Custom software translates the real-time input from a camera to chromatic alterations in the painting: exhibition space, day and hour, movements and sounds of the viewers, pseudo-random algorithms, etc.

IRIS integrates the exhibition space and the act of viewing as creative elements, deeply rooted in the existence and the evolving morphology of the art piece. Each viewing is a unique, dynamic experience. Secular technique and new technologies cohesively disrupt an inherited cleavage: the artist / the exhibitor / the viewer.


2022 Salon Noir, Blacks Club Soho, London
2017  Art Rooms, Melia Hotel, London
2016  Conexión Cromática, Addicted To Life, Barcelona
2016  Artic, Betevé, Barcelona
2015  Festa de Fols, Addicted To Life, Barcelona
2014  Collaboration Station, Centro Mutuo, Barcelona


Video series

Colin McCallum – paintings
Gabriel Lecup – video animation, original soundtracks
Onur Kucukarslan – Contra-alto clarinet on “Flux”