A sewing machine becomes a string instrument, processed and amplified. The foot pedal actions a plectrum on a guitar string, pitches are selected with a bottleneck slide, the right hand controls custom effects.

The device was designed as an intuitive approach to natural intervals and just intonation, reproducing the primitive experience of searching for harmonics on a vibrating string. The human player, the mechanical device, and the digital delays system constantly adapt their respective speeds to reach elusive moments of stability.

Boris Dulon – live visuals
Manufactoria – lutherie
Aylen Torres & Milena Flores – live visuals
Mireia Arnela – choreography

2013  La Générale du Canal (residency), Les Mariniers / La Maison de la Création, Brussels

2017  Polyvalent #10, Hangar, Barcelona
2017  Nits de Sang, Sala Hiroshima, Barcelona
2017  Festa Major, Ac. de Belles Arts, Sabadell
2016  Espai NIU, Barcelona
2016  Dorkbot, Hangar, Barcelona
2016  Conciertos Hipnagógicos, Antic Teatre, Barcelona
2015  Les Nuits du Beau Tas, Recycl’Art, Brussels
2013  La Générale du Canal, L’Impasse Temps, Brussels
2012  Le Chien Perdu, Brussels
2012  HS63, Brussels

2015  City Sonic, Transonic, Mons
2013  Streaming @, Brussels