Performance / interactive video installation

Collaboration with Lluc Baños Aixalá

Interaccions is a live performance and open installation which uses real-time video feedback loops to allow the user to interact with himself in a separate time-span.

The technical setup is comprised of a video-camera and a video-projector facing the same scenic space. Using a Bluetooth trigger the user records his present action superimposed with the projection of the previous action, disrupting the real-world chronological time sequence and allowing successive instances of the same person to exchange and cohabit.
The performance presents a series of short actions inspired by the artist’s inner conflicts, before opening up for the public to experiment with their own infinite possibilities of interactions.

The project was produced during an artist residency at Nau Estruch Badalona in September 2015, and premiered in the exhibition « Contra Arranz Bravo », Fundacio Arranz-Bravo, in October 2015.