Gabriel Lecup l Walter

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28-07-2017:  Performance LMACLM, w/ Boris Dulon, Polyvalent#10, Hangar

01-06-2017 – 31-07-2017:  Artist residency at « Laboratorio de Interaccion » – Hangar, Barcelona

04-05-2017:  « Ardesia » by Chloé Despax presented at BJCEM, Tirana

01-01-2017:  Visuals for New Year party, Antic Teatre

17-12-2016: Performance LMACLM, with Boris Dulon and Hypnagogia at Arts Emergents Sabadell.

03-12–2016: Performance LMACLM, with Boris Dulon and Hypnagogia at Espai NIU.

18-11-2016: Live visuals for Hang Massive at Razzmatazz.

31-10-2016: Live visuals for Halloween Elektropical Party in Teatre Principal.

10-09-2016: Organized Keyframe BCN – Video Creators Meeting, with Espai NIU and Hangar.

03-09-2016: Live visuals for Glove Party at Teatre Principal.

02-07-2016: Video mapping and VJ set for Glove Party Anniversary – Garden of Glove .

15-06-2016: Interactive visual installation for Best Free Wifi at Tast Tiana.

02-06-2016: Performing LMACLM, with Boris Dulon and Hypnagogia in Conciertos Hypnagogicos, Antic Teatre.

28-05-2016: VJ set at Mutuo Closing Event.

13-05-2016: Visual installation with Nico Bertrand at Sesiones Guarantinas #4.

12-05-2016: Permanent video mapping Salon Negroni by Campari and Guzzo, with Broomx and Serrano Brothers.

03-05-2016: Presenting the brand new MK-Player by Broomx at HD Expo, Las Vegas!

27-03-2016: VJ set at Mutuo Aniversario, Onak Club.

26-02-2016: Visuals for Gozalow at Barts Club.

21-01-2016 to 04-02-2016: Project Iris presented in the collective exhibition Conexion Cromtica, with Colin McCallum and Pablo Peñalba.

15-01-2016: Presentation of Interaccions with Lluc Baños at Centre Civic Sant Jordi.

01-01-2016: VJ set for New Year Party Mutuo at BCW.

12-12-2015: VJ set with Blanali at Art Emmergent Sabadell.

11-12-2015: VJ Set for Poblenou Open Night at Addicted to Life.

25-10-2015: “City Sonic 2015” by Transonic includes an excerpt of La Machine à Coudre la Musique at Les Nuits du Beau Tas, Recycl’Art, 2015. available here.

24-10-2015: Live with /beyond/ at Nokodek.

10-10-2015: Visuals for Noche Tropibeat at Barts Club.

01-10-2015: Interaccions presented at Fundacio Arranz Bravo.

08-09-2015  –  18-09-2015: Artist residency with Lluc Baños Aixala at Nau Estruch, developing Interaccions. Open rehearsal on 18/09/2015, 20h.

03-09-2015: Digital Brain Instruments launches Voxpat.

30-07-2015: Visuals for Steve Smyth at Mutuo Centro de Arte.

17-07-2015: La Machine à Coudre la Musique live at Les Nuits du Beau Tas, Recycl’Art, Bruxelles.

23-06-2015: Visuals for San Juan Party at Addicted to Life.

20-06-2015: Visuals for Sonar Private After Party.

18-06-2015: “People in Places” at Barcelona Culture World.

13-06-2015: IRIS Project with Colin McCallum presented in Festa de Folls.

02-06-2015: Press event for Seat Ibiza, Palo Alto, Barcelona. I coordinated the « Engine Room » installation w/ Mutuo Centro de Arte & Vice.

08-05-2015: Visuals for techno after parties at Proyecto Valvula.

01-05-2015: Studio sessions live streaming (Men, Serkin, /beyond/) with Urban Legends.

20-04-2015: Live with /beyond/ at ACAM smoker’s club.

05-04-2015: Resident VJ for ULB Dark Club at Dread Zone.

12-12-2014: Resident VJ for Glove Party.

15-10-2014: IRIS Project with Colin McCallum presented in Collaboration Station.

21-09-2014: Song Kernel is on the App Store.


06/03/2015: Broomx at the Mobile World Congress 2015.

20/02/2015: Visuals for Urban Legends after party.

20/02/2015: Visuals for Gozalow at Barts Club.

13-14-15/02/2015: Les Absents presented in PopUpArt Barcelona.

04/02/2015: Joined BROOMX.

24/01/2015: Visuals for Tropico Club at Barts Club.

24/12/2014: Visuals for Centro de Arte Mutuo X-mas party at Barts Club.

20/12/2014: Visuals for Tropico Club at Barts Club.

13/12/2014: Interactive installation for Collaboration Station at Centro de Arte Mutuo .

12/12/2014: The collective of photographers la GROTTE from Brussels uses Walter in their exhibition “Lucie”, presented at Point Culture, Louvain-la-Neuve.

04/12/2014: Interactive installation for MAD Center at The Shopping Night Barcelona . BTV coverage here .

29/11/2014: Visuals for Tropico Club at Barts Club.

23/10/2014: Visuals for Julia Tupinamba at Barts Club.

11/10/2014: Interactive visuals for Julia Tupinamba at Open Air Festival.

01/10/2014: Interactive video installation for Choice Warehouse #7.

27/08/2014: continuing collaboration with Colin MacCalum, pics by Tere Gil here . (btw he gave me one of his paintings … not relevant here, just very grateful, i love his work and this one in particular …).

06/09/2014: interactive installation with Daniel Alonso Naranjo at Canariadas III.

01/09/2014:  I’ll be giving two courses on Quartz Composer at MAD Center :
–  October 2014, Barcelona, 36h
–  March 2015, Madrid, 36h
info here
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22/07/2014:  collaborating with Colin McCallum .

14/07/2014:  dsp programming for project ‘SongKernel’ by Juan Cutri.

21/06/2014:  Interactive installation at Collaboration Station  … (thanks Colin and Tere)(and Abi, and Laura, and Hayley, and Zilou, and Linda, and Daniel, and …).
pics by Tere Gil here .

18/06/2014:  Media presented in « Déballage » by La Maison de la Création .

15/06/2014:  Live performance at One Drone Day (12 hours continuous drone) with name « Parvo Art ».

11/04/2014:  Programming and optimising code for Digital Brain Instruments .

02/04/2014:  Live with CircumTemplum by “Laboratorio Symbolon” (Sebastion Sanchez Zelada) at ‘Brindis per l’Escultura.5’, Badalona, Catalunya.

30/03/2014:  joined AudioVisualCity .

14-24/10/2013:  Artist residency La Générale du Canal by Les Mariniers , working space at La Maison de la Création . spot on Radio Campus .
25/10/2013:  Live performance at L’Impasse Temps streamed live on Le Placard .

21/10/2013:  joined the B.L.O.

13/07/2013:  Interactive video installation with Chino Cob at Rest’Art, Nau Ivanow.

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