My work investigates the unconscious mechanisms of collective and individual identity constructs.

I hunt and reveal the common principles underlying each manifestation of the human being, based on the premise we are all the same ideal person instantiated through space and time. This assumption is largely inherited by my childhood in Asia where I grew up surrounded by gods, ghosts and spirits.

Merging tech and mystics, I replicate the rituals and practices of traditional cultures with the modern tools at hand: my digital and performative avatars, biased scientific equipment, custom musical instruments, interactive installations, kinetic sculptures, hacked hardware and open-source software all aim to artificially induce first person experience of trance, hypnosis, trans-personal permutations and mystic sublimation.

The audio medium is central to my work, as it relates directly with the subconscious: sound suggests without describing, evokes without illustrating, and expresses without formulating.

CV: CV – Gabriel Lecup